What We Do

We’re on a mission to present a clear and consistent message that makes your business stand out from the crowd

After getting to know what you’re all about and defining your USPs, we construct and maintain a precise image that has personality and genuine charisma, so that it talks directly to your target consumers.

In order to shape a new or existing brand, our expert team will work closely with you and your company to build a professional yet sincere rapport with press, members of the public and likeminded businesses.

As well as utilising traditional media platforms, such as print and broadcast to maximise your exposure and reach, we also embrace the evolving digital era by producing effective online marketing content and conduct social media management.

In addition to keeping you up to date with activity and press coverage as and when it appears, we compile a detailed report at the end of each month to summarise the given primary focus and the results that were achieved. Not only does the report provide a clear overview of what has been actioned, the measurable evaluation indicates comparable statistics and reach/readership figures to evidence the return on investment.

Client Spotlight

Suites Hotel & Spa is a privately owned, four-star hotel located in Knowsley. The venue houses an exclusive on site spa, which has recently been recognised as one of the top three spas in the North West courtesy of the Good Spa Guide Awards.

How will PR benefit your company?

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Nicola and the team’s imaginative take on things is what makes the whole PR process that little bit different and most importantly enjoyable for all.
Carl Bell
The Brink