Campaigns & Strategy

When it comes to building and maintaining a positive brand reputation, a strategic approach must be adopted to follow a plan that will achieve realistic objectives.

While the term ‘any publicity is good publicity’ is an argument very much up for discussion, here at Pink Media our focus is to not only get you talked about for all of the right reasons, but to also make sure that you remain on everyone’s lips for the foreseeable future.  

Whether it be implementing a long-term strategy or carrying out a stunt based short-term awareness campaign, we tailor our approach to specifically match your business needs and expectations. 

We will begin by undertaking a comprehensive analysis of your company, defining products and services available and looking closely at your USPs and benefits that set you aside from your competition.

In order to engage and capture the attention of your specific target market, we will then further refine your brand image to make it one that is hard to forget. 

Client Spotlight

Suites Hotel & Spa is a privately owned, four-star hotel located in Knowsley. The venue houses an exclusive on site spa, which has recently been recognised as one of the top three spas in the North West courtesy of the Good Spa Guide Awards.

How will PR benefit your company?

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Nicola and the team’s imaginative take on things is what makes the whole PR process that little bit different and most importantly enjoyable for all.
Carl Bell
The Brink