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A big Pink Media hello to our new Content Creator, Emma!

We’re delighted to introduce our new colleague, Emma Walsh, who joined us in March as our Content Creator. Emma will be supporting the Pink Media team across social media, PR and marketing activities and will be spending her time creating exciting content and shouting about all the incredible things our clients are up to. 

With a background in journalism and a stint as deputy editor of, Emma comes to Pink Media from the third sector after five years at national charity, The Reader, where she delivered Shared Reading groups and coordinated the charity’s communications. 

As a lifelong reader and creative writer, she is fascinated by storytelling – whether it’s the ‘Once upon a time…’ tale we tell our kids, or the elevator pitch an entrepreneur scribbles on the back of an envelope. 

Emma said: “How we tell our stories is important because that’s how we connect with others. So much of my work at The Reader was about creating connections between people – whether it was leading a reading group in the Birkenhead YMCA or talking about volunteering opportunities on the radio. It was about making people feel something – “I’m not alone” or “I can do that” – that’s where personal connections begin.

“That’s all any of us, individuals, organisations or businesses, really want to achieve –meaningful connections with others and a sense of community. We all become a bit fixated with numbers on social media, how many followers, how many likes, but the real value comes from making a genuine connection with someone, the thing that gets them off Instagram and through the doors of your restaurant, bar, hotel, retail store or beauty business. That’s the story you want to tell – the one that makes someone go from being a follower to a customer or better yet, a friend.”

You’ll hear more from Emma in the coming months as the Pink Media team talk all things social media and digital marketing on the blog, but for now, a quickfire round of questions –

What brought you to Liverpool? University.

What made you stay? I fell in love with this city – the people, the arts and culture, there’s an incredible buzz here that nowhere else can compete with.

Favourite event in the Liverpool cultural calendar?I’m a trustee of the Liverpool Irish Festival so that’s obviously my top choice but Africa Oye is a very close second.

Favourite place to eat in Liverpool? For a special occasion – Oktopus, Maray or Mowgli. For any old Tuesday – Big Bowl. 

Anyone living or dead you’d have round for dinner? Nigel Slater. Nothing would make me happier than having Nigel snoop around my kitchen cupboards.

Favourite writer? It’s too cruel to choose just one – Nora Ephron, Sarah Moss, John McGahern, Maya Angelou, Colm Toibin, Roald Dahl.

Go-to karaoke song? Dancing in the Dark by Bruce Springsteen. 

Prized possession? A woollen blanket my granddad handknit for me when I moved away to uni. 

What are you passionate about? Food – shopping local, cooking from fresh, eating seasonally and reducing waste. I’m currently trying to cut out single-use plastic (which is going quite well) and convince my other half that we should get a wormery as a compost equivalent for city-centre living (which isn’t as promising so far).

What do you value most in others? Kindness.

Greatest pet peeve? Litterbugs.

Dream job? I love writing and creating compelling stories, so actually this job is pretty damn dreamy for me.

Dream holiday? A few months rambling around the Mediterranean would be nice – see the sights, soak up some sunshine and eat all of the food.   

What’s your greatest ambition in life? To write a book, get a dog and keep my plants alive. 

Any regrets? That I haven’t already written a book or gotten a dog. The dead plants I can live with. C

What’s the greatest advice someone’s ever given you? Worrying is a tax. If you can do something about it – do it, if you can’t – how will worrying help?

What are you most excited about for 2019?Pink Media, of course!

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