Feeling hot, hot, hot…!

When it comes to goings on, Liverpool is a city never short of things to do. From musical events to bingo with a twist, there’s something for everybody to enjoy and recently, our friends at Bond Events Group have added something slightly spicier to the ever-expanding events calendar.

In just a few weeks’ time, the infamous Bombed Out Church (St Luke’s Church) will be feeling ‘hot, hot, hot’ thanks to the arrival of the Chilli Carnival, and aptly put – ‘If you’re hosting a festival that’s going to get hot, it helps if you hold it somewhere without a roof’!

Already, the Pink Media team have had so much fun working with Bond Events Group to shout all about the event, and you may have even spotted us around the city centre with our giant chilli in tow during our photo-shoots. With just over a month to go, we’re busy planning for the two-day spice extravaganza which will showcase a range of chilli-fuelled concoctions courtesy of a number of suppliers that have recently been revealed by the event’s organisers.

From cooking shows to cocktails and even a chilli eating competition, the weekend will be packed with things to do, offering the people of Liverpool the chance to sample dishes from the mild to the top of the Scoville Scale and everything in between.

Keep your eyes peeled for spicy clues and exciting news as we count down to the festival – see you at the Chilli Eating Competition!

Chilli Carnival will take place on Saturday, May 12 and Sunday, May 13 at St Luke’s Church (Bombed Out Church). Tickets are priced at £5 per day or £8 for a weekend pass.

For more information or to purchase tickets visit www.chillicarnival.co.uk

Guest Blog – Amber Claims Management

Do Fleet Managers Have Time to Find Their Inner Columbo?

Director of Amber Claims Management Ian Ambrose looks at what is expected of fleet managers when it comes to accident management.

Following any incident that takes place on the road, be it fault or non-fault, it is essential that vital information is gathered at the scene. Unless drivers are well equipped for such an event, vital information can be ignored which can lead to complications further down the accident management line. This can make a huge difference for a number of factors, for example, how liability is established which can, of course, impact on both fleet bottom line and insurance premiums.

With in excess of over 40 years’ experience in dealing with incidents on the road from minor vehicle damage, assisting with replacement vehicles through to the devastating life changing injuries and fatalities, our teams are adequately trained to deal and react appropriately to any given scenario.

Based on our experience we believe that vital initial information will include (however is not limited to) the following:

· Photographs of the vehicles/accident scene/damage

· Details of witnesses

· Details of those involved along with respective registered mark of vehicles

· A comprehensive account of how the incident occurred

It goes without saying that without clear, concise information and vital evidence following an incident, the result can be disruption, downtime and confusion for even the most experienced fleet manager.

Along with key information regarding the case, a fleet manager must consider when an incident needs to be reported, the timescales in which it must be reported and the departments and managers who need to be kept informed to name just a few.

This is, of course, the tip of the iceberg.

To anticipate and resolve any issues a fleet manager may face, Amber Claims Management offers a range of bespoke pick and mix of services designed to bridge the gap for each and every requirement, from small business owner fleets to large commercial fleets, covering every angle of the accident management process and designed with a view to minimising costs by ensuring that such incidents are dealt with both immediately and correctly.

By outsourcing accident management, whether FNOL (First Notification of Loss) or the whole journey up to resolution, we ensure that fleet managers can concentrate on what they do best, managing their fleet, removing the tricky and often complex aspects of their role.

The team behind the amber:assist portal have the capabilities to deal with incidents efficiently, with its specialists working with both fleet managers and organisational multidisciplinary teams in accordance with the internal risk management policies.

We believe that the benefits of outsourcing your fleet accident management, or selected components, are invaluable – so as a fleet manager, why not leave your ‘Columbo’ jacket well and truly behind, sit back, relax and let amber:assist?

To find out more about our fleet management services or Amber Claims, visit www.amberclaims.com

A busy start to 2018…

We can’t believe that we are already into the third month of 2018! Here at Pink Media we have had a very busy and exciting start to the year, and we have been lucky enough to experience a trip around the world courtesy of our clients’ latest endeavours – all from the comfort of our Baltic Triangle office, of course.

In early January, our journey started at Silk Rd, an eatery offering a taste of dishes from the Pacific to the Med. The restaurant launched its second site in the city’s impressive Beetham Plaza and has already been nominated in two categories in this year’s LCR Tourism Awards.

Moving along the Mediterranean coastline, Italian eatery Trattoria 51 has had a busy start to 2018 by celebrating its Valentine’s ‘week of love’, while Andrew Manion, Director of Aigburth based AJM Hair took Milan Fashion Week by storm at his first international catwalk show. Sicilian and Jordanian influence took to Castle Street when the street’s newest dining destination, Heritage, opened its doors in February.

Moving along the map to China, Liverpool has welcomed the Terracotta Warriors exhibition, and to commemorate their arrival, The Brink has created a delicious themed mocktail – we highly recommend giving it a try! With all things ‘healthy’ in mind, Suites Hotel and Spa started off 2018 with a health kick by announcing its partnership with Slimming World, adding its already rich health and fitness offering which includes a gym, swimming pool and stream room.

We’ve continued to enjoy all things Asian as Lark Lane’s gem Chilli Banana reintroduced its delicious Street Food Menu, offering a true taste of the best of Thailand, while Directors of Carringtons Catering Helen and Darren Wynn recently arrived back from their very own trip to Singapore and Thailand and are already incorporating the exotic flavours into their dishes. In keeping with the culinary theme, we’ve been so excited to work with Bond Events Group to announce the launch of Liverpool’s very first Chilli Carnival taking place this May – feeling hot, hot, hot!

Back on home shores, the historic Leasowe Castle unveiled its newly refurbished Star Chamber, with its focus remaining on the ceiling centrepiece which was lovingly restored and returned from London’s House of Commons in 1806. The site has celebrated its impressive renewal with the introduction of an exclusive Afternoon Tea experience with NovelTea.

More locally, Delifonseca Dockside has announced its exciting extension plans, which promise an even bigger and better foodie haven on our doorstep very soon. There’s more good news for our city as the King of Castle Street and Director of DV8 Designs, Lee Birchall, has provided the cosmopolitan postcode with a duo of new social spots, Rox and Sanctuary Tap, adding to his ever growing portfolio.

Heading over the water to the Wirral, we saw Maxweb start its year off with a collaboration with Ghost Software Ltd to create a bespoke app that is set to revolutionise the property sector, while Bebington Glazing has successfully secured various city centre projects at notable venues including Goodman Wells.

Here at Pink Media we’re already looking forward to the rest of the year – who knows where it will take us? Keep an eye on our blog to find out…

Guest Blog – PrivilegeHR

How to avoid HR hindrances when it comes to hiring seasonal staff this Christmas

The Christmas season is fast approaching and this time of year means big business for the hospitality sector, with festive parties and lunches taking over bars, restaurants and hotels across Merseyside and beyond.

Human Resource expert and Founder and Director of PrivilegeHR Peter Waller-Flynn shares industry advice for managing the recruitment process this December.

It is undeniable that during the festive season, the hospitality sector thrives, with customers coming in droves to eat, drink and be merry with friends, family and colleagues. But with this increased demand often comes a whole host of issues for recruiters.

Hotels, restaurants, bars and caterers can experience an unprecedented spike in recruitment during the winter months to meet ever-increasing consumer demands. In 2015, spending in restaurants and bars increased by 8.1% on the previous month and with spending on the rise again, employers often turn to seasonal staff to ensure that operations run smoothly throughout the yuletide period.

This recruitment drive can often be a huge drain on resources for small to medium sized businesses right through to corporate giants, taking a toll on workforce, time and money. A sudden inflation in job applications can be inundating for a recruiter and finding suitable candidates can be a daunting and tiresome task.

Over a quarter of people employed in the hospitality sector are under the age of 21 and when it comes to hiring seasonal staff, restaurants and bars are often faced with a flurry of young people wanting to build up their experience; however, it is important that employers look for candidates that demonstrate a genuine, hard-working ethos. Temporary staff can often lead to long term employment for the right candidate, saving the hassle of re-recruiting in the future.

There are many reasons that candidates apply for seasonal work. They may be seeking flexibility but often the applicant may be hopeful that the opportunity will transpire into full time work in the future. To avoid disappointment or confusion, it is important for employers to be clear from the offset, stating the period of employment in the advert and again at interview stage.

Staff recruitment can be a long process and this rings particularly true during the festive season when the volume of applications received by the hospitality sector rises dramatically. Getting positions out to advert out early is one quick fire way to secure additional time to manage the process and utilise resource without straining day to day operations.

Instead of traditional interview methods, employers could consider holding assessment centres or recruitment days, which often see a large number of potential employees attending an interactive session over the course of a full or half day, dependent on the volume of candidates and how vigorous the selection process is. This is a great way to see how candidates work around others, often involving tasks such a roleplay exercises or team building whilst also allowing the recruiter to see more applicants over a shorter time period.

Due to the nature of hospitality work, around 86% of employees are paid by the hour which equates to more paperwork for the employer. With advancements in HR, there are numerous payroll solutions that can offer a cost-effective way to ensure that payments are received on time and sick pay and holidays are dealt with accordingly.

PrivilegeHR works closely with businesses in the hospitality sector and is familiar with the issues that companies face year on year. Human Resource issues are often not at the forefront of an employer’s mind amidst such a hectic season but a thought-out HR strategy and the implementation of effective systems can save thousands of pounds and make the recruitment process more enjoyable for both the recruiter and the employee.

For more information visit www.privilegehr.co.uk

Vegan Month

With November officially underway, a number of our foodie clients across the city are celebrating Vegan Month with a selection of delicious meat-free dishes….

Tiger Rock Hawker

Tiger Rock Hawker, with locations on Smithdown Road and on North John Street, is serving up a variety of East Asian flavours this Vegan Month.

With a variety of dishes on offer including Yam Mamuang (Fresh Shoestring Mango with Chopped Onion & Peppers in a zesty Hot Thai Dressing, £4.95 and Tofu Sumbat (Stuffed Tofu with Cucumber, Beansprout, Leek & Chilli Tamarind Sauce, £4.95), there’s certainly something for everybody to enjoy.

For more information visit www.tigerrockliverpool.uk


Suites Hotel & Spa

Handley’s Brasserie, located within Suites Hotel & Spa, is serving up a vegan dish with a difference.

The Roasted Vegetable Stack with Balsamic Dressing comprises a selection of perfectly cooked vegetables including peppers and onions topped with a flavorsome glaze.

The dish is available as part of a set menu whereby two courses are priced at £19.50 and three courses are priced at £22.50.

For more information visit www.suiteshotelgroup.com


Trattoria 51

Located on Old Hall Street, Trattoria 51 is renowned for its classic and contemporary Italian menu.

Comprising a range of dishes including pizzas and pastas, the eatery offers vegan options including Bruschetta Classica (Marinated Cherry Tomatoes & Garlic, £3.95) and Penne Arrabbiata (Tomato Sauce, Chilli and Garlic, £7.95) alongside a selection of organic vegan and vegetarian wines.

For more information visit www.trattoria51.com



Delifonseca is renowned across the city for its vegan classics, including the eatery’s Deli Dip Platter, Falafel Wrap and Sumac Salad.

To celebrate Vegan Month, the award-winning restaurant’s chefs are fittingly kicking off November with a very special dish.

The limited-edition recipe comprises a Giant Slice of Pumpkin stuffed with Wild Rice, Lentils, Chestnuts, Mushrooms & Herbs served with Spiced Red Cabbage.

The dish is priced at £11.75.

For more information visit www.delifonseca.co.uk

The Brink

The UK’s first and Liverpool’s only dry bar The Brink is celebrating Vegan Month with a delicious meat-free offering.

The Parr Street venue serves up a range of vegan and vegetarian offerings including Quinoa with Roasted Vegetables & Sweet Potato served with a Soy Ginger Sauce dressing (£6.95).

For more information visit www.thebrinkliverpool.com