Rebecca Austin / Account Executive

About Rebecca

Coming from a background in B2C marketing, Account Executive Rebecca Austin brings to the team a passion for social media and content creation. Rebecca focuses on developing digital campaign strategies featuring innovative techniques to continually build clients’ brand awareness and online presence.

By regularly monitoring clients’ social media accounts, Rebecca can ensure content is in line with current social media algorithms and performs to its best ability.
Client interaction and consultancy sees Rebecca regularly onsite and enables her to ensure all of our clients’ goals for their businesses are best achieved.

As part of her role, our Account Executive also oversees influencer outreach and blogger relations, including organising bespoke events and liaising with key figures regarding online opportunities. As well as creating images and videos for use on social media, Rebecca is also highly skilled in writing blog posts tailored around individual needs and target demographics with an ability to create SEO focused content that ensures proven results.

Quick Fire Qs

What do you do in your spare time?

I love dining out and going to the cinema. I also enjoy going to the gym, and other times, lazing on the sofa with a good Netflix boxset.

Favourite holiday you’ve ever been on?

Travelling for a month around New Zealand.

Tea or coffee?


What’s next on your bucket list?

I’m visiting New York in 2020 to celebrate my Mum’s 60th birthday.

Go to karaoke song?

Shania Twain – Man I Feel Like A Woman.

Prized possession?

My Dad bought my Mum a set of Indian bracelets whilst he was travelling that have since been resized to fit me. They’re especially important to me as he passed away in 2004.