The New Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every single one of us as we’ve quickly had to adjust to our new normal.

For the Pink Media team, we all began working remotely from mid-March (before the lockdown was officially announced by the Prime Minister) and we had to instantly adjust our working styles and find our best practises ahead of a prolonged period of working from home.

As an agency, we have always worked collaboratively across all of our clients and within the office, with individual members of the team working on various elements of our PR & marketing campaigns, hosting a weekly Monday morning ‘mega meeting’ alongside daily catch ups.

Fortunately, technology has allowed us to continue to do those things almost seamlessly from home through apps such as WhatsApp, Zoom, Skype and FaceTime. Each morning since working away from the office, we’ve checked in with each other via video call to discuss daily deadlines, client information and any other business – not only does doing so allow us to create a virtual office environment (and bring with it some ‘normality’), it also keeps us socially connected in a world where social distancing is in place.

From a client perspective, we’ve been working closely with a number of businesses across a range of sectors and have learned that no matter what the individual niche or industry, every employer and employee has had their day-to-day lives turned around in some way or another, and we’ve adapted our service offering to change and evolve with them.

For example, Delifonseca – our longest standing client – was forced to close their restaurant following government guidelines and were left wondering what their business could do to survive. The next day, we were on site (pre lockdown) to work on the production of a social media video campaign to promote their change to business – the food hall and deli was to begin to offer no-contact delivery and collections to suit the changing lifestyles of their customers. The videos went live that very evening and resulted in immediate social media engagement, reaching over 15,000 people locally, and Delifonseca saw a spike in orders that’s kept the business continually thriving in these unprecedented times.

We’ve also had plenty of enquiries from business owners who aren’t sure about best practises when it comes to marketing. Some have closed their business for the foreseeable, some are working at a reduced capacity and some remotely from their homes. Although our answers for each are different, the overarching advice we have continued to give our clients is to keep lines of communications as open as possible.

Now, more than ever, your potential customers are looking to communicate in the only way they can – digitally – which is why this is a great time to optimise your social media and digital marketing presence rather than to step back from it.

What’s more, by changing or adapting your services, you’re opening up the potential for a whole new demographic of customers who could remain advocates of your brand long after the pandemic is over.

This week, we’ll be blogging all about how to market your business when your customers are on lockdown, plus our top tips for working from home.

Stay tuned – and stay safe!

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